When you buy a property the owner as to transfer the title to you, who then becomes the new owner. But it’s not that simple. The first question you need to ask yourself is whether the title is good and free of encumbrances and defects. A title company can help ensure the title to your property is free of defects.

Eannarino Law is a law firm and title company and they can help ensure you get a good and proper title when you buy property in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Jupiter FL, Palm Beach or West Palm Beach. They also offer title insurance which will compensate you in thee evet that a defect title causes you financial loss. They also perform their own title work and issue title insurance in all of Florida’s 67 counties. Most other title companies outsource their work. Since they do their own title work, Eannarino Law means provide a more effective service and their charges are lower than most other title companies.

A law firm such as Eannarino Law typical provides the following services:

  • Check that the title work done by the title company is proper
  • Ensure there are no defects in title
  • Remedy any defect that might exist
  • Advise clients about how title should be taken
  • Title insurance

In addition, a title company such as Eannarino Law can help you with negotiation and contracts related to real estate transactions. They also advise you regarding tax and estate issues related to title transfers. A professional title company will work to minimize your tax liability and maximize your exemptions.

When you buy or sell property, you need to be aware of all issues related to title transfer. Since property transactions are complicated and involve substantial amounts of money, it makes sense to leave such matters in the hands of competent attorneys.