Residential Title Services

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Real estate transactions can be complex.

Our knowledgeable attorneys are here to help answer your questions about selling or buying Florida real estate.


As the seller of a Florida property, in most instances you get to choose who you want to clear title and handle the back end of the transaction to get it closed. Having a licensed Florida real estate attorney represent your interests in the transaction does not mean it will cost you more money. In fact, we have seen many closing settlement statements where title companies have charged more; and, they cannot represent you.

[ttacf field=”tt_business_name_short”] will exam your title, perform a lien search on your property, and work closely with you to satisfy any adverse title defects or liens. We will work with your buyer’s lender and attorney to satisfactorily demonstrate you are conveying a clean title to the buyer. We’ll prepare all the necessary closing documentation to transfer title, issue an owner’s title insurance policy, and make the transaction as smooth as possible for you and the buyer.  We promise competitive rates, great communication, and amazing professional service.

Whether you are listing your house for sale by owner, or working with a real estate agent, we have you covered. [ttacf field=”tt_business_name_short”] will make your next closing easy. Contact us now with any questions or to get your transaction started.


We recognize that purchasing a Florida home is likely the single largest financial investment you can make, and with so much on the line, this can be a stressful endeavor. There are many moving parts with every real estate transaction including, lenders, inspectors, surveyors, associations, property managers, title exams, municipal lien reports, tax collectors, and more. Why? When you buy a home, you need to be certain the seller is the true legal owner of the property, and that there are no outstanding defects in the title that would restrict your use of the property, which could ultimately lead to a financial loss, before title is transferred to you.

At Eannarino Law, we strive to eliminate your stress by implementing the latest technology and by working with trusted best in class service partners that have demonstrated capabilities to ensure we will make your transaction as efficient and stress-free as possible.  Our team of title professionals is skilled at keeping the transaction process running smoothly, relieving your worries, and getting you to the closing table on time.

Whether you engage Eannarino Law to represent your legal interests in your next purchase of a Florida property; or, to act as your closing agent to issue title insurance when you buy or a refinance a home with your lender, we will be there for you from start to finish. Contact us now with any questions or to get your transaction started.

Sellers & Buyers

With [ttacf field=”tt_business_name_short”], Sellers and Buyer can expect:

  • Attorney-led closings
  • Superior communications
  • Single point of contact
  • Knowledgeable and professional staff
  • Efficient and timely closings
  • Timely and accurate title exams and title commitments
  • Concierge mobile attorney closings
  • Online electronic signing wherever possible
  • Reduced paper transmittal and waste