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Contract Litigation

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Contract Litigation

West Palm Beach Contract Litigation Lawyer

The experienced contract litigators at Eannarino Law, P.A. help their clients achieve favorable business solutions to their litigation problems. They understand that clients want to conduct business, not litigation. That means, however, that clients, and their lawyer, must be ready and able to try and win cases in any courtroom or mediation setting, while focusing on the ultimate goal – a resolution that achieves the client’s best interests. Our experienced trial lawyer provide clients the litigation leverage to accomplish their business and financial goals.

Litigation is often the worst-case scenario for businesses facing legal disputes. Fortunately, there are ways to successfully handle litigation without draining resources and undermining business objectives. At Eannarino Law, we can tailor a strategy to fit your goals. These strategies include effective alternative dispute resolution efforts designed to save our clients time and money.

This wide breadth of experience lends us valuable insight. We leverage carefully honed litigation skills and a solution-oriented approach toward resolving complex legal issues.

Legal disputes can impact virtually any aspect of your business. We provide diligent representation for those facing any type of dispute, including common claims such as:

  • Business disputes: Even a small business dispute can prevent your business from operating the way you want. We can help you reach a resolution, so you can move forward as soon as possible. We work hard to resolve disputes as quickly as we can and are well versed in many alternative solutions to business litigation.
  • Business torts: When business disputes turn into business torts, you want an attorney on your side who understands how these cases work and what you can do to protect your rights.
  • Breach of contract: Real Estate contracts are breached every day, we understand the nuances of the Florida Real Estate Contract.
  • Non-compete agreements: Whether you want to draft a non-compete agreement or take legal action against a former employee, we can protect your rights.
  • Landlord-tenant disputes: Representing commercial landlords and tenants, we can help you resolve your lease dispute.

Due to the firm’s size and cost structure, Eannarino Law, is able to provide legal representation of the highest caliber at billing rates which are substantially less than those at large law firms or under alternative billing arrangements. The firm’s track record of success and lower rates are a winning combination for numerous companies

The key to our effectiveness is our commitment to learning every aspect of our clients’ business needs to meet their broader objectives. We handle complex matters through trial and appeal, and understand that winning takes many forms, from successfully defending clients to asserting their rights as plaintiffs. For each client, large or small, we bring to bear the full resources of our national litigation practice, as well as the multidisciplinary strengths of our entire firm.

Do not allow your company to derail due to contract disputes, work stoppages or any other eventuality. We work to help you keep the doors open and your focus on your business.

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If you find yourself in the middle of a confusing or complex situation that is negatively affecting your business, do not hesitate. Pick up the phone and call our office to schedule a consultation with a Florida Bar licensed attorney who is skilled and prepared to tackle your legal challenge.

A meeting with one of our experienced Florida Business Dispute lawyer is an important first step in protecting your rights and your business. Contact us to schedule a complimentary and confidential consultation with one of our attorneys.