Florida Foreclosure Process

The Florida Foreclosure Process

The Foreclosure Process in PALM BEACH County including, WEST PALM BEACH, NORTH PALM BEACH, PALM BEACH GARDENS, JUPITER, and TEQUESTA areas is as follows.

In Florida, if you stop making your loan payments, a lender must foreclose on a mortgage in default by using the judicial foreclosure process (through the court system).  This is commenced by filing a lawsuit in the Circuit Court in the county where the property being foreclosed is located.  Palm Beach County is located in the 15th Judicial Circuit.

As in any Florida foreclosure lawsuit, the borrower and all parties with an interest in the real property must be served with notice of the lawsuit (summons) together with a copy of the complaint.  The party being sued must respond to the court within twenty-days (20) of service of process and be given an opportunity to appear and defend his or her rights in the court system.  The lender will try to show that the borrower is in default, and that foreclosure is therefore necessary under Florida equity law.

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