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Negligence can come in many forms. A driver may have been distracted while looking at a text message.  Likewise, a driver could have been excessively speeding or have made an illegal, sudden lane change without looking in his or her rearview mirror.

Eannarino Law, P.A. are civil trial lawyer dedicated to helping people who have been injured by all types of negligence. Our attorney are committed to working diligently to seek full compensation on behalf of auto accident victims by thoroughly investigating the cause of the accident and by holding all negligent parties accountable.

Our lawyer represent clients throughout Palm Beach, Martin, Okeechobee and St. Lucie Counties in car accident claims. We are committed to providing the skilled, compassionate and highly personalized representation that you deserve.

Protect Your Rights

If you have been injured in an auto accident, you will likely have to go through an insurance company to obtain the compensation you are entitled to receive. The insurance companies have experienced attorney working to protect their rights, and you should too.

Our attorney have handled hundreds of civil actions including personal injury claims. We take time to investigate the cause of accidents, identify the nature of our clients’ injuries and build a strong case for each client we serve. You can rely on us to protect your rights and vigorously pursue the full compensation you are entitled to receive.

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Eannarino Law, P.A. has offices in West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Jupiter, and Stuart. To schedule a free consultation with a personal injury attorney at our Firm CALL: (561) 275-1500. You may also complete this Free Case Evaluation for a fast response. We handle all personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, so you pay no fees to us unless we recover compensation for you.

Our staff members speak Spanish to effectively serve our diverse clientele. Se Habla Español.

West Palm Beach Automobile Accident F.A.Q.

A West Palm Beach car accident lawyer can help you get the recovery you deserve if someone injured you in a car accident, either by representing you for an insurance settlement or suing the other driver for damages. Read our Frequently Asked questions:

  1. How do you charge? This is usually one of the most important questions for most car accident victims, as you may want to sue, but may be afraid of being faced with large legal bills if you don’t win. Eannarino Bradford car accident attorney will work on a contingency fee basis, which means we only get paid if we recover money damages on your behalf.
  2. What court fees and costs will I be responsible for? Even if a lawyer charges on a contingent fee basis, you may be responsible for court costs and fees and other costs the lawyer incurs in investigating and bringing the lawsuit. Find out exactly what costs you may have to pay, even if you lose the lawsuit.
  3. Do I have a case to sue? This is another fundamentally important question. To recover damages, you have to prove that the other person breached a duty to you by not acting with a reasonable degree of care when he or she caused the accident. You also have to prove you actually suffered damages. If you can’t meet your burden of proof, it is unlikely you will win your case.
  4. Whom should I name as the defendants? For most, it seems obvious that you should sue the person driving. However, that person may not have sufficient insurance or assets to cover your losses. In some cases, additional defendants may be responsible as well. For example, if the person who caused the accident was working for an employer and doing work-related tasks when he or she caused the accident, that person may have been acting as an “agent” of his or her employer. Under agency laws, that means the employer may also be responsible for your damages and should be named in the lawsuit as well.
  5. How long do I have to file my lawsuit? There is a statute of limitations – or a maximum time limit – that you have in most jurisdictions if you want to file a lawsuit. It is important to know what this deadline is, so you can make sure you file your lawsuit before the deadline passes.
  6. What are my potential damages? You may be able to recover not only for medical bills and lost wages, but also for pain and suffering, emotional distress, or other types of damages you suffered. Your lawyer should be able to fully explain to you the extent of your recovery options.
  7. What should I do to protect my case? Not only do you have to file your lawsuit within a given period of time, but you also may have to take other steps to protect your right to sue. Find out what the law requires in your area. Do you need a police report, for example, or must you file notice with your insurance company or the DMV?
  8. What is the difference between settling and suing: Most cases settle out of court, which means the defendant or his or her insurance company makes you an offer, and you can take that lump sum payment and, in exchange, waive your rights to sue. If you opt against settling, the case will go to trial, and a judge or jury will decide the defendant’s responsibility. It is important to understand this difference between suing and settling, and your attorney should be able to explain to you the merits of both options.
  9. Should I consider settling? Since most cases settle, it is common for you to receive some type of offer from the defendant. You should discuss this with your attorney, and carefully consider the pros and cons before you decide to settle. Remember, if you do settle, you can no longer sue for the accident, and your only recovery under the law will be the money paid to you in the settlement.
  10. How long do you think my case will take? It may take a long time for a case to go to trial and an even longer time for you to get your money. It is important to be aware of this, so you can make plans for how to handle medical bills in the meantime. If you need money immediately, settling may be your best option; alternatively, there are companies who will lend you money on the basis of an expected settlement or lawsuit victory that you can consider working with if you are committed to going to court.

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