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As a Florida insurance policyholder, you agreed to pay your premiums on time. You followed the terms of your contract and you have the right to expect your insurance company to do the same. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and when it comes time to getting paid on a claim; too many policyholders discover the playing field isn’t level.

Eannarino Law, P.A. is an insurance litigation law firm and our attorney believe in what is fair and just. Fighting a goliath national insurance company with their army of adjusters and attorney alone is challenging. That is where we come in. Once you turn your dispute over to our Firm, we will vigorously protect a Florida policy holder’s rights when it comes to an insurance dispute and fight for a fair settlement with a client’s insurance company.

Contact an Aggressive Insurance Claim Litigation Attorney at Eannarino Law, P.A. for a Free Consultation. Free means No Fees if You Don’t Win.

A meeting with one of our experienced insurance claim lawyer is an important first step when you have been injured to someone’s negligence or your property has been damaged. If you are facing a denied, or undervalued claim or bad faith insurance practices call us at (561) 275-1500 or complete our Free Case evaluation to schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our attorney.

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