While most people strive to be safe drivers, unfortunately, accidents can and do occur. And oftentimes, those will happen when you are the passenger in somebody else’s vehicle. When this is the case – especially if you are injured – you will typically want to file what is referred to as a third party auto insurance claim.

Filing an Insurance Claim Against Someone Else's Auto Insurance CoverageIn fact, any time that a person files an auto insurance claim against another individual’s insurance policy, they are filing a third party claim – and there are actually a number of ways in which this may occur.

This could include you being injured in someone else’s vehicle as a passenger. In this case, you can file the claim against the auto insurance firm of the driver for the reimbursement of your medical costs, as well as for other potential damages.

You may also be able to file a third party claim if you were a driver who was judged as being not at fault for an automobile accident in a state that has no-fault insurance. In this particular instance, you could file the third party claim against the other driver’s automobile insurer in order to recover for the damages that you’ve incurred.

Alternatively, if you were driving a company car or truck for a work-related purpose and you were involved in an accident where you were also injured, you may also be able to file a third party claim against the other driver’s car insurance company.

Because of the many ways in which third party claims can be filed, statistically, these types of claims are actually the most common type of auto insurance claim that are filed in the United States today.

If you have been involved in an accident where you feel that you should be able to recover compensation from the other driver’s insurance, give us a call. We practice insurance law and can get you the answers – and the compensation – that you deserve.