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Any time that you need the services of a West Palm Beach, Florida real estate lawyer, Eannarino Law will be right here to help. We greatly value the relationships that we have developed with clients in this beautiful city over the years, and we look forward to meeting many new people in the future. West Palm Beach is a historic city with many fascinating neighborhoods to explore. These would include the Bel Air Historic District, Central Park, El Cid, Flamingo Park, Prospect Park, and Old Northwood. There are many good reasons to buy real estate in this extraordinary community, and a West Palm Beach, FL real estate lawyer can explain the process to you and advocate your interests every step of the way.

After you identify the property that you want to purchase, the negotiation phase will come next. This can be uncomfortable for some people, and a real estate attorney can be of great assistance when the negotiations are underway. Our firm can also handle the document preparation tasks, and we can represent you during the closing. An outside title company can be utilized, but you never know who is actually preparing the title if you go that route. Our firm can issue title insurance, and we can also answer any questions that you may have about property taxes and homestead issues. Plus, we also provide assistance to landlords in the area. If you are looking for a West Palm Beach, Florida real estate lawyer to draw up a lease or handle eviction proceedings, we would be more than glad to assist you.

West Palm Beach, Florida Foreclosure Lawyer and Short Sale Attorney

A foreclosure can be a devastating blow, but you do not necessarily have to bow down to your lender and do whatever you are told. Under Florida laws, there are a number of different defenses that are in place to protect consumers who are being foreclosed upon. A foreclosure attorney can evaluate your case and make the appropriate recommendations. We are also here for you if you are looking for a West Palm Beach, FL short sale lawyer. When you engage a short sale attorney to assist you during negotiations with your lender, you will be able to proceed in a confident, fully informed manner.

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