Knowing Your Rights Can Get Your Rightful Auto Accident Settlement

If you’ve been injured in an automobile accident – especially if it was the result of someone else’s negligence – then the effects may go far beyond just your physical pain and suffering. Chances are that you may be required to miss work for a period of time – which could, in turn, lead to [...]

Navigating Florida’s “No Fault” Auto Insurance System

If you live in Florida - or, if you've been visiting the state and you happen to have been involved in a car accident - one of the first things that it is essential for drivers to understand is Florida's "no fault" auto insurance system. The no fault system means that an individual will go [...]

Filing an Insurance Claim Against Someone Else’s Auto Insurance Coverage

While most people strive to be safe drivers, unfortunately, accidents can and do occur. And oftentimes, those will happen when you are the passenger in somebody else's vehicle. When this is the case - especially if you are injured - you will typically want to file what is referred to as a third party auto [...]

Has Your Homeowner’s Insurer Seemed to Disappear After You Filed A Claim?

After years of paying in premium dollars, you may have filed a claim following a natural disaster such as a tornado or a hurricane - only to discover that your homeowner's insurance company has decided to pay out very little, or worse yet, making it difficult for you to obtain any type of reimbursement whatsoever. [...]

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