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Purchasing Commercial Real Estate May Require an Extra Layer of Protection

The buying and selling of any type of real estate should always entail making sure that you’ve dotted all I’s and crossed all T’s. But when considering the purchase of a commercial property, the potential – and therefore, the potential exposures – that you can face may be much greater than those you face when [...]

Navigating Florida’s “No Fault” Auto Insurance System

If you live in Florida - or, if you've been visiting the state and you happen to have been involved in a car accident - one of the first things that it is essential for drivers to understand is Florida's "no fault" auto insurance system. The no fault system means that an individual will go [...]

Shouldn’t You Get What You Pay For?

Shouldn't you get what you pay for? We think so! And if you've paid for something that you end up not receiving - especially if you have a contractual agreement for receiving a particular product or service - then the provider of that contract is legally liable for delivering. According to Investopedia, breach of contract [...]

Selling Your Home for Less Than You Owe Should Include an Attorney

Even as the housing market has started to come back up, there are still countless homeowners who are stuck in mortgages that far surpass the value of their homes. For these individuals and families, selling your home can be difficult - and it can oftentimes result in having to consider alternatives to the "normal" selling [...]

Don’t Lose Your Home Without a Fight

There are a number of different circumstances such as job loss, medical bills, and other unexpected events, that can make it difficult to keep up with your monthly expenses. This can especially be the case as it pertains to your mortgage, because this is oftentimes your biggest monthly bill. The unfortunate truth is that, once [...]

Why You Need a Lawyer At the Time of a Property Closing

For many people, the purchase of their home will likely be the largest - and the most significant - purchase that they will ever make in their lifetime. This transaction will also involve the law of real property, and this particular law can tend to raise some special practice issues that are not present in [...]

Filing an Insurance Claim Against Someone Else’s Auto Insurance Coverage

While most people strive to be safe drivers, unfortunately, accidents can and do occur. And oftentimes, those will happen when you are the passenger in somebody else's vehicle. When this is the case - especially if you are injured - you will typically want to file what is referred to as a third party auto [...]

Title Insurance – Insuring That Your Biggest Investment Is Safe

For most people, buying a home will be the biggest investment that they ever make in their lifetime. Yet, while purchasing their home may seem to be a somewhat straight forward process, the actual right to enjoy their property may not always be so clear. For example, there are a number of ways in which [...]

Common Defenses in Construction Breach of Contract Litigation

A contract is at the base of nearly all construction projects. It serves as protection that the project will be completed, as well as the assurance that payment will be made for the service that is provided. Unfortunately, there are times when a project may not be completed as originally laid out. This could be [...]

Has Your Homeowner’s Insurer Seemed to Disappear After You Filed A Claim?

After years of paying in premium dollars, you may have filed a claim following a natural disaster such as a tornado or a hurricane - only to discover that your homeowner's insurance company has decided to pay out very little, or worse yet, making it difficult for you to obtain any type of reimbursement whatsoever. [...]

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